Award Winning Hygienist Islington – Private Dental Clinic Guaranteed Quality Caledonian Road N7 for N1 N4

Award-Winning Private Dental Clinic Islington

We are an award-winning hygienist and dental team in Islington. Together we put our hearts in to your wellbeing with beautiful treatment results guaranteed all provided in a beautiful, spotlessly clean clinic.

Our FullScan is unique. With a range of tests including tooth by tooth autofluorescence scans, to complement low-radiation digital x-rays. Our hygienist is award winning and her gentle yet thorough technique is legendary…Welcome to the best in dental care.

Please note: All the photos in our results pages are of our real patients treated by us both – not tooth models copied from an photo database.

Standard Hygiene
£80 award winning hygiene
+£30 Supplement for Airflow

£70 Includes 2 Digi-Bitewing x-rays + Fluorescent Scans

Read more about our hygienist awards or contact to book

The most comprehensive checkup. Confirm that all is well or let us quickly discover the root of any problem.

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